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Hurricane Season 2004

FEMORS was placed on alert for all four hurricanes in August and September 2004 and was activated for response to both Hurricane Charley and Hurricane Ivan. A PowerPoint presentation with a summary of storm activities is available below for all to review. FEMORS Hurricanes 2004 Review  Additionally, After-Action-Reports for each storm, as submitted to DOH, are also available below so all members can get a feel for what happened including lessons learned.

  1. Charley – Alerted and Activated
    • 76 on Ready List (37 within 8 hours, 76 within 24 hours)
    • 37 Members Activated
    • 2 day deployment with 1 member remaining for 4 days
  2. Frances – Alerted and Not Activated
    • 90 on Ready List
  3. Ivan – Alerted and Activated
    • 101 on Ready List
    • 30 Members Activated
    • 6 day deployment
  4. Jeanne – Alerted and Not Activated
    • 63 on Ready List
    • 2 Activated for Command Post Staging

In brief, Charley was FEMORS’ first test of actual deployment and resulted in lessons learned that were applied for Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne with success. In particular, the use of a Go Team (for Ivan) to assess the situation proved to be much more efficient than starting with all members who were ready to roll (as for Charley).

In both Charley and Ivan, FEMORS was activated based on rumors of between 20 and 60 fatalities, without the input of the medical examiners involved! At least for Ivan, FEMORS was able to make contact with the medical examiner early on to verify that help was, indeed, needed.

Fortunately, in both cases the rumors proved to be false alarms. Nonetheless, FEMORS benefited greatly from the activations as actual experiences are always better than theoretical planning.